Kiss Me Kate Design | Elite Fashion Show 2016
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Elite Fashion Show 2016

A few highlights of the second Elite Fashion Show from Birmingham’s Burlington Hotel, in aid of charities Mind and Beauty with a Purpose.Orgnanised by model and activist Joshua Williams, The charity modelling and fashion event raised £1,348.97.
DATE: Sunday 24th July, 2016

LOCATION: Burlington Hotel, Birmingham
Well done Joshua Williams and the Elite Fashion Show team putting on an amazing shown again in support of Mind and Beauty with a Purpose! Such a great opportunity to showcase our brand new Kiss Me Kate new prom evening collection for 2017.
A massive thank you to all the models :

Rachael Emily Rose Barker Sophie Lydia Smith Jade Secker Danielle Holder Molly Noke Ravén Angelina-Rosalette Dixon-Biggs Emilie Morris Chloe Mann Jordan Paul Rhys Nicola Louise Ascroft Deborah Ascroft Medford Maria Gardner Chloe Gould Jodie Hull Kate Nixon Samuel Perkins Tanya Mihailovic and photography by Kev Wise Simon Giddings Prime Photography ( celebrity choreographer Jaimal Mistry.

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