Kiss Me Kate Design | Miss Birmingham 2015
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Miss Birmingham 2015

Congratulations to STUNNING teenager Rosie Thompson for winning Miss Birmingham and as dresses sponsors of the Miss.England event here at Kiss me Kate we are so excited to work with Rosie in designing her very own dress for the final.

Miss England competition dates back over 64 years and is the only competition in the country for the winner to go on to the prestigious Miss World.

For Rosie, from Redditch, it was a case of second time lucky. The 18-year-old was runner-up last year, but received the crown and sash at the end of Sundays glitzy pageant final at the Burlington Hotel.

And the sky really does look the limit for the Bromsgrove School sixth form student. Only days earlier, Rosie landed her dream job as a British Airways cabin crew member. She’s confident the job, which she starts in May, will not interfere with her role as the face of this city. “it’s just a question of letting them know in advance, so they can change the rosters,” she explained.

Speaking at the ceremony, Rosie, who beat off 19 other hopefuls, said: “This is a dream come true. I came second last year but was determined to come back and try again and I’m so glad I did. I can’t believe I’ve finally done it.

Well done Rosie we can’t wait to get designing with you from all the Kiss me Kate team.

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