Kiss Me Kate Design | Miss British Empire York Charlotte Lister Won Best Dressed
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Miss British Empire York Charlotte Lister Won Best Dressed

After winning “The Best Dressed” all thanks to one of our new Kiss Me Kate Collection Gowns – Charlotte Lister took time to explain to in her own words how competing in beauty pageants helped her overcome her barriers:

“For the past year or so I have suffered with a number of illnesses including depression, anxiety and panic attacks. After seeing numerous health care professionals I decided that the best way to overcome my barriers and illness was to get out of my comfort zone so after seeing casting for Miss British Empire York 2013, I decided to apply.

I was over the moon and quiet nervous when I was accepted in the final 20 as I have my good days and bad but I decided I just needed to enjoy the experience, meet new people and get my confidence back. Taking part also gave me something
to focus on which really helped. The days before the final event I was so nervous I couldn’t sleep, I constantly felt sick but I now understand I shouldn’t have been. The day of the final came and each and every one I met including my director Hayley were absolutely lovely they really helped me overcome my nerves. For some reason you always hear rumours about people been rude to each other in pageants but the people I meet were truly amazing to be around and were competing more for the experience than winning. One girl in particular, Sami really helped me during the day especially when it came to my rehearsal for the talent round, I couldn’t remember my dance routine but she helped me stay calm and not to break down and when I had to perform it in front of the audience and judges I remembered every single move perfectly.
I didn’t win the pageant but I was overjoyed when I won Miss Congenitally York 2013, as this is voted by the other girls taking part. Competing in the pageant has definitely given me my confidence back not just for modelling or hitting the catwalk but also
getting out in the community and fundraising for some amazing causes. If there are any girls out there suffering from the same condition as me its best to get out there and push yourself, it has really helped me feel so much better and I met such an amazing group of people which I am now proud to call my friends.
I can’t wait to compete in another pageant again soon.”

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