Kiss Me Kate Design | Kiss Me Kate Wins Best Designer!!
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About This Project

Elite Fashion Show Take Birmingham By Storm As Kiss Me Kate Wins Best Designer!!

With 12 emerging and established designers, performances by X-Factors Relley C, the Voice’s Harry Fisher and international dancer Shelley Anderson, the Elite Fashion Show in association with Global Connect Wifi once again brought diverse and innovative creatives to Birmingham to promote the city’s fashion and cultural scene. A not-for-profit event, this year’s show, which took place on Sunday 25th June at the prestigious MacDonald Burlington Hotel, saw £1,254.48 raised for Love Brum – an umbrella charity which aims to make real change to Birmingham by funding local community and charitable causes.

The Elite Fashion Show ethos is to revitalise the Birmingham fashion industry that has been in decline giving emerging and established designers a platform to showcase their brand whilst raising vital funds for charity. This year’s show was perfect timing for us (Kiss Me Kate) to showcase a few of our new “Showstopper Collection” for SS18 on the runway to a sold-out audience.

The event played host to several special guests including international DJ Damon Hess, celebrity blogger and model Valerie Wyndham, Bradley Hunt from X-Factors Bratavio , celebrity hairdresser Jamie Birmingham and AMCK Model Tyler Wright and international Armani and Dolce and Gabbana model Vince Azzopardi; with X Factor and the Face star Chloe Jasmine walking on the runway. The plethora of talent and guests at the event has seen the Elite Fashion Show becomes one of Birmingham’s premier independent fashion shows that has grown exponentially year on year Model and blogger Valerie Wyndham.

Jordan Hurley, the CEO of Global Connect, said: “The Elite Fashion Show brings together designers from all over the world and connects them through their love of fashion”.

“At Global Connect we too allow people to stay connected wherever they are in the world. This is a great opportunity for us to support a great event in our own local region for a great cause”.
Founder and managing director, Joshua Williams stated, “It is incredible to see Elite become established as a premier fashion event. We aim to bring talent back to Birmingham which is often overlooked as a city despite having so much creative talent here. We are more than just a fashion show. We are a platform to celebrate diverse talent whilst raising funds for selected causes each year. So far, this amount has reached £4671.45

Just to top the night off we were voted “Best Designer” by the audience and won a luxury photoshoot with the Pellegrini e Costache – Thank you everyone who was involved we loved being a part of this show for the 3rd year, its just gets better year on year.